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Girls’ Day OUT!!

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Miss had a teacher work day at school today, but Sir still had class. So, we had a whole THREE hours to spend together doing something special..her pick!  I offered to take her to a movie (which she really enjoys and sits in her chair the WHOLE time but her brother is a bother!) or ice skating, shopping, etc.  My daughter proved again that she is a girlie-girl through and through…guess what she picked???  A SPA DAY followed by shopping!!!!  Oh my!!! AND…we had to take Nana with us since she is a girl too!!!

We started with Lunch at Rubios (since it is one of Nana’s favorites…) and it took us over an hour to eat:

gday1.jpg        gday2.JPG

Then it was off to the Nail Salon for a pedicure for Miss and a Manicure for Mommy…same color for both- PINK!

gday3.JPG    gday4.JPG

She tried to look soooo grownup in the massage chair, but she couldn’t lean back and still keep her feet in the water!  Once we were all dry, we headed across the parking lot to Target to spend her allowance money on Barbie stuff. We spent the rest of the weekend playing Barbie Wedding with our new Ken-in-a-Tux and Barbie wedding dress.  Oddly enough, I think that I had as much fun as she did!

Diggin’ on donuts

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

After we dropped Miss off at school today, Sir and I needed to stop by Safeway for a few things. He usually rides in the shopping trolley so that I can keep him contained while I surf the aisles looking for the best deal, healthiest option, matching coupon, etc. For a special treat, sometimes he gets to drive the car in the front of the cart while I shop…but that thing is sooo darn cumbersome and he can still reach out and grab random things off the lower shelves while I am ***gasp*** not watching.  This morning, we only needed a few things so when he asked if he could “walk like a big boy” I decided to give it a try… Of course the first thing that he saw as we walked into the store was the donut display!!! (Now, I KNOW better than to walk into that door where they have the donut display front-and-center and right at little-person eye level… the produce side is by far the better entrance when you have kids. I mean, how often do you hear the kids in the store shouting, “But MOMMY, I NEED to have a WATERMELON. RIGHT NOW~!!!” …Actually, that WOULD be my other kid, but you get my point, right??)

Anyways, I walked right past the donut display with my little man holding my hand and did what any mother with a lick of sense would do…I bribed him!  We zipped through the store, picking up the few items we needed with very little fuss and NO RUNNING OFF!!! YEA!!!  Then we stopped back at that fat-and-sugar ladden display and I let him pick one out to take home.  Chocolate covered with sprinkles….what would YOU have done??

Donut boy

Tired Little Man

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Sir has really missed his naps…. Now, of course he’ll never admit it, but he is sooo tired every afternoon that evenings are pretty cranky for him. Today he was so tired that he fell asleep when we ran to pick up Miss from school this afternoon. He slept through the whole pick-up process and the drive home. He walked into the living room to take off his shoes, then slid down the sofa and laid down on the floor…and slept for another 30 minutes. AMAZING!!!  And toooooo cute:


How to distract a Nana…

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

With Pirates and Barbies….how else??  With Nana staying here for her extended recovery, several people have expressed concern over her mental health. It must be very hard for someone who sooo looked forward to retiring to now be trapped in a wheelchair in my house.  So we have conspired to keep her busy… and really, who could be depressed when your time is spent like this:


Ahoy Maties, Let’s play Pirates:


Barbie’s Bathtime anyone??

Nana is home…or at least back to our house!

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

I’ll have to scan in the x-ray that the surgeon gave to me… really quite amazing!  I think I counted 10 or 11 screws and a large metal plate in the shape of the number 7… she is sure going to be setting off the metal detectors when she flies next…

Nana Update

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Nana has now been here for a week longer than she planned to stay. After falling down the stairs on the 7th and getting a cast on it the 8th, she got to come home to our house on the 10th and has spent her days like this, parked in the family room in the hub of the house:



When she goes to bed, we have to elevate her leg and the cast with a ton of pillows so she looks like this:


But now, today, we get to take her to get the cast off and the Dr will perform surgery to “Frankenstein” her knee back together with plates and screws.  She is a little excited to get out of the house:


She rides in the back seat of her van with the front seat folded flat and her foot elevated. I get to drive and Sir thinks it’s great to have a seatmate! Hopefully we can get it fixed quick and get her home…or at least back to my house where chaos reigns!

Kindergarten Homework

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Apparently homework in Kindergarten is as much for the parents as it is for the kids. Not that I really mind, except I have been a little crazy this week trying to get everything done, including getting Nana discharged from the hospital and settled into our house and lives with a HUGE cast, wheelchair, walker, etc.

So, we are modeling the procrastinating process for our darling daughter and have just finished this week’s homework tonight…and it is due tomorrow. UGH!!! Hopefully I can get my act together and start getting stuff done earlier. I actually had the Cheerios box LAST FRIDAY that we were supposed to turn into a suitcase for Miss’s upcoming Social Studies unit on the Continents.  I just couldn’t figure out how to make it look and work like a suitcase while being durable enough for a Kindergartner to use.  Another parent found boxes at Michael’s on super-sale and clued me in yesterday. So, I headed over and bought a box to cover in paper so she could decorate it. Covering it took a degree in engineering and TWO rolls of tape.

At least she had a grand time decorating…who knew homework could make you smile??


First Day of Preschool

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

I can’t believe that my baby boy is starting school. He is going to be attending 3 afternoons a week and is soooo excited to be a big boy. We had to pose for lots of pictures, just getting out the door:

first day photo-sir

When we get there, I have to sign him in, and then he needs to sign himself in on the clipboard. I guess that means he needs to figure out which hand to use to write with… and which name belongs to him!

signing in

Some of the kids were crying and clinging to their parents… but not mine!!  Once we figured out the procedure: hang up backpack, sign in (both of us), then find your chair and play quietly at the table… he was totally fine. He gave me a kiss and jumped right in.  I know that this means I am doing a good job, but I can’t help but feel a little sad…

playing at his seat

The shortcut down the stairs is a bad idea….

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

But at least the firemen will come and take a picture with you and give you some stickers and a coloring book.

Sir and the firemen

My mom was bringing some laundry downstairs to fold and fell the last 3-4 steps down onto the tile on her knee.  I was going to try and take her to the ER myself, but she was in such pain that I couldn’t figure out how to get her off the floor. SO..we called 911 and the local guys zipped on over in the firetruck, sirens blaring!  It was soo exciting for Sir, but he wanted to play with the guys and they were working on Nana on the floor.  Luckily they had a moment for a photo op while she was loaded onto the ambulance.

Turns out, she broke her lower knee bone (tibia) into three pieces and it was too risky to operate until next week. She’ll be hanging out with us for a little longer than the week she had planned….closer to 3-4 months between the surgery, the non-weight bearing, the physical therapy, and range of motion support.  I guess it’s a good thing I have a downstairs bedroom and bath…should be interesting~

Holy COW!!…a Kindergartner

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

The long-awaited, eagerly-anticipated, counted-down-to day has arrived. Miss headed off to her first day of REAL SCHOOL and full-day kindergarten.  She was sooo excited to lay out her clothes, set her alarm, pack her backpack and pack her lunch the night before.  We were awakened by her this morning, before OUR alarms had gone off, and she was already dressed (not a small feat when wearing a long arm cast) and had her bed made.  She looked soooo cute in her school uniform:

first day photo

Out of respect for the crazy kindergarten parents, an exception was made for the first day of school and we were allowed to walk our children to their classrooms. Some of the children in Miss’s class weren’t really sure about this process or if they even wanted to be there at all. Miss couldn’t understand why I was walking her to her room, since she already knew where it was… but upon the explanation of “photographs of you for the computer” she was willing to accept my presence in her classroom, A.K.A. the Beehive:

the beehive


 Her teacher is young and nice and knows how important it is to pose for Mommies’ pictures:

Miss Feldhausen Baskin Robbins

 Before she kindly kicked all us nosy and weepy parents out of the room so that the children could begin their day…leaving us to wonder what WE were going to do with ourselves while one of our precious little ones was in the (capable) hands of a (fully-credentialed and fingerprinted) perfect stranger…GASP!!!

Luckily it was an early-release day so we didn’t have to wait that whole extra hour to pick her up and interrogate ask about how her day went.  Because, as the Mommy, I got to take Miss to her first day…Daddy left work early to be able to pick her up and interrogate celebrate her day with what else but RAINBOW SHERBET.

 Baskin Robbins 2

By dinnertime, we were all falling asleep in our plates. It has been such a long day… now she is off to sleep, dreaming of her next day in wonderland Kindergarten and I am off to cry…