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More Christmas fun

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

We have had a great time over the past three days just opening, building, assembling, playing, riding and spending time together.  I do just LOVE this time of year.  It is amazing how much we can cram into each day, just hanging out in our jammies!

 sdc11247.JPG    Playing our new video games.

sdc11313.JPG  Checking out our cool new ship.

sdc11317.JPG     Wrapping up in the new pink Snuggie while playing Barbie and her camper with the dog.

sdc11320.JPG  Assemble, assemble, assemble!!!  Good thing that Daddy is good at reading the directions and putting stuff together…Great Sea Battle, here we come!

sdc11328.JPG   Wii time!!! We just love the Wii! sdc11331.JPG  Because Wii can all play together.

And the weather is so nice, we just had to have a little time outside riding the new bike…

Quick Christmas Clips

Friday, December 25th, 2009

We had a crazy, fun-filled, kid-centered day. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see our family in Ventura. They sent the kids some super-fun stuff that we couldn’t wait to say “Thanks!”



November Activites-

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Here’s what kept us so busy in November:

  •    School Carnival for the PTO at Miss’s school- sdc10649.JPG
  • An afternoon of computertime with Nana-  (Note the football game on in the background)


  • Feast and Fun, Kindergarten Pilgrim-style:



  • Hanging out with friends, celebrating their birthdays


  • Reading the HUGE paper on Thanksgiving morning, then making pies for dessert:



sdc10716.JPG                CUTEST PIE EVER!!!!!!!!

  • Reading to her best friend-   Click here to see the video (testing this…) 
  • Decorating the house for Christmas-


  •  We finished the month with a trip to the North Pole on the Polar Express Train Ride out of Williams, AZ.  It was a surprise for the kids and they had a BLAST (and so did their parents!!)


Update time: October

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Okay, okay…. I know I have fallen wayyyyyy behind with my blogging and this will be a quick and dirty post to getcha updated. (In my defense, my laptop died so Chris had to build a franken-puter to save the picture files and then we had to wait for the new laptop to arrive… and then it takes time to get it all set up, and on and on and on…)So, October was all about:Learning to be a Daisy Girl Scout-Daisy meetingA quick trip to Legoland for Fall Break-sdc10495.JPGsdc10509.JPGWe headed upcountry to a fun-filled pumpkin patch-sdc10551.JPGwith a great petting area:sdc10564.JPGWe finished up the month with a quick weekend trip out to Ventura and begged total strangers for candy….but look at these faces and tell me you could have refused them:sdc10627.JPGTinkerbell and her best friend Captain Hook!