More Christmas fun

We have had a great time over the past three days just opening, building, assembling, playing, riding and spending time together.  I do just LOVE this time of year.  It is amazing how much we can cram into each day, just hanging out in our jammies!

 sdc11247.JPG    Playing our new video games.

sdc11313.JPG  Checking out our cool new ship.

sdc11317.JPG     Wrapping up in the new pink Snuggie while playing Barbie and her camper with the dog.

sdc11320.JPG  Assemble, assemble, assemble!!!  Good thing that Daddy is good at reading the directions and putting stuff together…Great Sea Battle, here we come!

sdc11328.JPG   Wii time!!! We just love the Wii! sdc11331.JPG  Because Wii can all play together.

And the weather is so nice, we just had to have a little time outside riding the new bike…

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  1. Tiffspaz says:

    Ok so all this is super cute but I want to see pics of the new pets too! Also MORE VIDEOS I love seeing the kids in action I miss them so much and there cuteness makes Zak laugh. We send smiles and hugs from Portland

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