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Father’s Day

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Wii for All

I have been really bad about posting here…somehow life just seems to be getting away from me on a daily basis. And the thought of going back and posting retroactivly is very overwhelming since it is now JUNE!  But, today is one worth remembering, so I’ll just post today and worry about yesterday… tomorrow.

Today we get to celebrate Daddy… and boy is he a daddy worth clelebrating. One of my favorite things about him is just this: his ability to forget about his chores and all the things that he probably SHOULD be doing in favor of this… nothing!!  Just sitting on the edge of the sofa and playing Wii with the kids (or trucks, tractors, princesses, etc.) He is making memories for our little ones, and me too! And afterall…today is about being a dad, not lawn-mowing, dog-poop-pick-uping, car washing or other such tasks…

…they can wait until tomorrow!  Love ya honey!!!

When living in the desert

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Some days it is just too hot to play outside, so what do you do? Head to the local Children’s Museum. Sir in museum Click to check them out! Miss in museum