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November Activites-

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Here’s what kept us so busy in November:

  •    School Carnival for the PTO at Miss’s school- sdc10649.JPG
  • An afternoon of computertime with Nana-  (Note the football game on in the background)


  • Feast and Fun, Kindergarten Pilgrim-style:



  • Hanging out with friends, celebrating their birthdays


  • Reading the HUGE paper on Thanksgiving morning, then making pies for dessert:



sdc10716.JPG                CUTEST PIE EVER!!!!!!!!

  • Reading to her best friend-   Click here to see the video (testing this…) 
  • Decorating the house for Christmas-


  •  We finished the month with a trip to the North Pole on the Polar Express Train Ride out of Williams, AZ.  It was a surprise for the kids and they had a BLAST (and so did their parents!!)


Update time: October

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Okay, okay…. I know I have fallen wayyyyyy behind with my blogging and this will be a quick and dirty post to getcha updated. (In my defense, my laptop died so Chris had to build a franken-puter to save the picture files and then we had to wait for the new laptop to arrive… and then it takes time to get it all set up, and on and on and on…)So, October was all about:Learning to be a Daisy Girl Scout-Daisy meetingA quick trip to Legoland for Fall Break-sdc10495.JPGsdc10509.JPGWe headed upcountry to a fun-filled pumpkin patch-sdc10551.JPGwith a great petting area:sdc10564.JPGWe finished up the month with a quick weekend trip out to Ventura and begged total strangers for candy….but look at these faces and tell me you could have refused them:sdc10627.JPGTinkerbell and her best friend Captain Hook!


Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Miss is studying the world around her as part of her Core Knowledge curriculum at school. We have to study a country and then make a postcard from that country. We got France. So, we headed to the library and checked out some books about France and Paris including a cookbook and have been planning a special French day. So we spoke French to each other “bonjour” and ate French food all day! Breakfast was French Toast, of course. And for Dinner we had: a baguette with Gruyere cheese, Parisian salad, Quiche, and tomatoes stuffed with goat cheese. (Good thing we aren’t lactose intolerant, eh?) Then for dessert…..CREPES!!! I had thought to buy them ready-made and then just fill them….but Safeway doesn’t carry them. So I went to the cookbook that came with my most-fabulous blender and whipped up some crepes from scratch…just like I knew what I was doing!!!  Miss had a great time filling them and serving them to all the adults….


She spread nutella in the middle, fold the Crepe and top it with strawberries.


Every thing is better with whipped cream!!!


all I can say is YUM…. and “Viva La France!”

Why I HATE Play-doh:

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009
  1. kindergarten teachers assign it for homework because it is good for developing hand strength and coordination
  2. kids love it
  3. teachers like it for homework so they don’t have to deal with the mess at school
  4. kids love it
  5. it smells bad
  6. kids love it
  7. it sticks to everything, including the little cup it comes in and under mommy’s nails
  8. kids love it
  9. you can NEVER get all the little bitty pieces all picked up so some ALWAYS gets left behind to fall to the floor, get stuck to a shoe or bare foot (ICK!), get licked up by the dog and/or get ground into the carpet
  10. kids love it

pdk.JPG     pdcj.JPG

Tired Little Man

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Sir has really missed his naps…. Now, of course he’ll never admit it, but he is sooo tired every afternoon that evenings are pretty cranky for him. Today he was so tired that he fell asleep when we ran to pick up Miss from school this afternoon. He slept through the whole pick-up process and the drive home. He walked into the living room to take off his shoes, then slid down the sofa and laid down on the floor…and slept for another 30 minutes. AMAZING!!!  And toooooo cute:


Kindergarten Homework

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Apparently homework in Kindergarten is as much for the parents as it is for the kids. Not that I really mind, except I have been a little crazy this week trying to get everything done, including getting Nana discharged from the hospital and settled into our house and lives with a HUGE cast, wheelchair, walker, etc.

So, we are modeling the procrastinating process for our darling daughter and have just finished this week’s homework tonight…and it is due tomorrow. UGH!!! Hopefully I can get my act together and start getting stuff done earlier. I actually had the Cheerios box LAST FRIDAY that we were supposed to turn into a suitcase for Miss’s upcoming Social Studies unit on the Continents.  I just couldn’t figure out how to make it look and work like a suitcase while being durable enough for a Kindergartner to use.  Another parent found boxes at Michael’s on super-sale and clued me in yesterday. So, I headed over and bought a box to cover in paper so she could decorate it. Covering it took a degree in engineering and TWO rolls of tape.

At least she had a grand time decorating…who knew homework could make you smile??


First Day of Preschool

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

I can’t believe that my baby boy is starting school. He is going to be attending 3 afternoons a week and is soooo excited to be a big boy. We had to pose for lots of pictures, just getting out the door:

first day photo-sir

When we get there, I have to sign him in, and then he needs to sign himself in on the clipboard. I guess that means he needs to figure out which hand to use to write with… and which name belongs to him!

signing in

Some of the kids were crying and clinging to their parents… but not mine!!  Once we figured out the procedure: hang up backpack, sign in (both of us), then find your chair and play quietly at the table… he was totally fine. He gave me a kiss and jumped right in.  I know that this means I am doing a good job, but I can’t help but feel a little sad…

playing at his seat