Miss is studying the world around her as part of her Core Knowledge curriculum at school. We have to study a country and then make a postcard from that country. We got France. So, we headed to the library and checked out some books about France and Paris including a cookbook and have been planning a special French day. So we spoke French to each other “bonjour” and ate French food all day! Breakfast was French Toast, of course. And for Dinner we had: a baguette with Gruyere cheese, Parisian salad, Quiche, and tomatoes stuffed with goat cheese. (Good thing we aren’t lactose intolerant, eh?) Then for dessert…..CREPES!!! I had thought to buy them ready-made and then just fill them….but Safeway doesn’t carry them. So I went to the cookbook that came with my most-fabulous blender and whipped up some crepes from scratch…just like I knew what I was doing!!!  Miss had a great time filling them and serving them to all the adults….


She spread nutella in the middle, fold the Crepe and top it with strawberries.


Every thing is better with whipped cream!!!


all I can say is YUM…. and “Viva La France!”

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  1. Sharon Loftus says:

    Bonjour ma petite mlle. AS

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