Why I HATE Play-doh:

  1. kindergarten teachers assign it for homework because it is good for developing hand strength and coordination
  2. kids love it
  3. teachers like it for homework so they don’t have to deal with the mess at school
  4. kids love it
  5. it smells bad
  6. kids love it
  7. it sticks to everything, including the little cup it comes in and under mommy’s nails
  8. kids love it
  9. you can NEVER get all the little bitty pieces all picked up so some ALWAYS gets left behind to fall to the floor, get stuck to a shoe or bare foot (ICK!), get licked up by the dog and/or get ground into the carpet
  10. kids love it

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2 Responses to “Why I HATE Play-doh:”

  1. Sharon Loftus says:

    2 “wee ones” who are “happy as clams”!
    I never did like play-doh, but I will gladly watch them be creative.
    Love, AS

  2. Tiffspaz says:

    I still think I should get the littles play-doh contraptions for x-mas/b-day

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