Girls’ Day OUT!!

Miss had a teacher work day at school today, but Sir still had class. So, we had a whole THREE hours to spend together doing something special..her pick!  I offered to take her to a movie (which she really enjoys and sits in her chair the WHOLE time but her brother is a bother!) or ice skating, shopping, etc.  My daughter proved again that she is a girlie-girl through and through…guess what she picked???  A SPA DAY followed by shopping!!!!  Oh my!!! AND…we had to take Nana with us since she is a girl too!!!

We started with Lunch at Rubios (since it is one of Nana’s favorites…) and it took us over an hour to eat:

gday1.jpg        gday2.JPG

Then it was off to the Nail Salon for a pedicure for Miss and a Manicure for Mommy…same color for both- PINK!

gday3.JPG    gday4.JPG

She tried to look soooo grownup in the massage chair, but she couldn’t lean back and still keep her feet in the water!  Once we were all dry, we headed across the parking lot to Target to spend her allowance money on Barbie stuff. We spent the rest of the weekend playing Barbie Wedding with our new Ken-in-a-Tux and Barbie wedding dress.  Oddly enough, I think that I had as much fun as she did!

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  1. Sharon Loftus says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmlunch looks good!
    Her cast is off!
    Glad everyone had fun.
    See you soon.
    Love, AS

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