Diggin’ on donuts

After we dropped Miss off at school today, Sir and I needed to stop by Safeway for a few things. He usually rides in the shopping trolley so that I can keep him contained while I surf the aisles looking for the best deal, healthiest option, matching coupon, etc. For a special treat, sometimes he gets to drive the car in the front of the cart while I shop…but that thing is sooo darn cumbersome and he can still reach out and grab random things off the lower shelves while I am ***gasp*** not watching.  This morning, we only needed a few things so when he asked if he could “walk like a big boy” I decided to give it a try… Of course the first thing that he saw as we walked into the store was the donut display!!! (Now, I KNOW better than to walk into that door where they have the donut display front-and-center and right at little-person eye level… the produce side is by far the better entrance when you have kids. I mean, how often do you hear the kids in the store shouting, “But MOMMY, I NEED to have a WATERMELON. RIGHT NOW~!!!” …Actually, that WOULD be my other kid, but you get my point, right??)

Anyways, I walked right past the donut display with my little man holding my hand and did what any mother with a lick of sense would do…I bribed him!  We zipped through the store, picking up the few items we needed with very little fuss and NO RUNNING OFF!!! YEA!!!  Then we stopped back at that fat-and-sugar ladden display and I let him pick one out to take home.  Chocolate covered with sprinkles….what would YOU have done??

Donut boy

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