Nana Update

Nana has now been here for a week longer than she planned to stay. After falling down the stairs on the 7th and getting a cast on it the 8th, she got to come home to our house on the 10th and has spent her days like this, parked in the family room in the hub of the house:



When she goes to bed, we have to elevate her leg and the cast with a ton of pillows so she looks like this:


But now, today, we get to take her to get the cast off and the Dr will perform surgery to “Frankenstein” her knee back together with plates and screws.  She is a little excited to get out of the house:


She rides in the back seat of her van with the front seat folded flat and her foot elevated. I get to drive and Sir thinks it’s great to have a seatmate! Hopefully we can get it fixed quick and get her home…or at least back to my house where chaos reigns!

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