Weekend Projects:

If I had been smart, I would have remembered to take the before pictures that should go here!!  But I was soooo exited to get started on the kids’ rooms….well, I forgot!  I did manage to take some after shots. Although, to be honest, they really were taken to show Nana what we had been doing all day since she can’t make it up the stairs…

Miss’s new furniture is courtesy of TeeTee. My sister decided that she was a little too grown-up for a bedroom full of white wicker and shared with our house. After much arranging, re-arranging, and re-re-arranging, we managed to get everything into Miss’s room in a manner that she found satisfactory and I could still get into to change her sheets (minor detail, I know!) Now we just need to get those wall painted, but one project at a time PLEASE!!!  What do you think, cute eh?

room.JPG     room2.JPG

While we were at it, we decided to work on Sir’s room as well. Since he has given up his afternoon nap, he no longer must live the Zen existence required in his room to get him to sleep. He actually gets to have some stuff in his room…toys even! Again, we still need to paint the walls….but here’s the big-boy version including train table:


Time to really decorate his room, don’t ya think? Any suggestions??

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  1. Tiffspaz says:

    I like the furniture much better in Miss’s room!!!!

  2. Sharon Loftus says:

    What nice rooms for sleep and play. AS

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