Lazy Day Saturday

One of the best parts of family life is Saturday morning!  We have consciously decided to avoid activities that force us out of the house early on Saturday mornings such as weekly lessons or team sports.  Selfish, I know~ but we figure that we can manage to keep this policy for another year or so…  and then life will interfere and we’ll have to join the frenzy of baseball games, skating lessons and the myriad of activities that besiege the modern family.  Until then, we get to do this:


And this:


Why would we want to give this up any sooner than we have to??

2 Responses to “Lazy Day Saturday”

  1. Tiffspaz says:

    Just what I like to do on weekend… a book and watch T.V.

  2. Sharon Loftus says:

    Just kicking back and enjoying the moment. AS

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