There is a reason that moms tell their children that a pillow fight might not be a good idea…. It usually results in a child being injured. And yet, the pillow fights continue because… well, even mom’s admit they are fun!! Our house is no exception… we had family movie night last night up in the playroom and as a result the kids’ slumber bags and pillows were still down on the floor in front of the TV. On thing led to another and soon they were whacking each other with the pillows so I warned them several times. Then I took those evil and mocking pillows away from the children and returned them to their proper places on their respective beds. But lo and behold….I went downstairs with some laundry to fold (and football to watch) and those pesky pillows started to fly through the air once again until, yup….someone got hurt. Sir fell into the tea table upstairs and nearly broke his nose….nifty eh? But now he seems no worse for the fun, and oxyclean got all the blood out…. so we are ready for the next time.


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  1. Sharon Loftus says:

    It’s nice that there will be no permanent scar. Let’s not do that again! AS

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