Bad News, but Pretty in Pink!

We went to the Orthopedist today….bad news!!  They want to take off the half cast/splint/sling thing that she has been wearing for a week and replace it with a real CAST!!! We were really hoping that once they took all the half cast/splint/sling thing stuff off, she’d just wiggle her arm and we’d be off.  HOWEVER, since she flinched when they manipulated it and there was some swelling/internal bleeding at the elbow in the first x-rays, they are now calling it a possible OCCULT FRACTURE in her growth plate in the elbow and want to keep it immobile for another two weeks AT LEAST! Then she goes back in for more x-rays and re-evaluation.  So there goes the rest of our summer vacation AND the first weeks of REAL SCHOOL, since she starts on August 5th.  We are missing so much: swim lessons, ice skating, bowling with playgroup, the trip out to CA, etc.  However, she is getting pretty good with her left hand… AND she got to pick out what color her cast was going to be: HOT PINK, of course.

Pretty in Pink

 At least I have an excuse to stay inside out of the heat…her arm gets all itchy when she gets too hot! 🙂

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